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Perfect Pouch

I'm an advocate for sustainable, authentic and efficient products. The Madrid envelope bag camouflages all my outfits from a casual stroll to a night out. That does it for me.

Jess C.

Great everyday bag

This bag comes true to colour and the leather is soft. I consider myself to be low maintenance so I look for pieces that are versatile. It’s casual enough that I use it as my every day bag, and the colour works with a lot of my outfits. It fits my phone, a notebook, and a small water bottle. If I’m going somewhere fancy after work, I’ve removed the strap and used it as a clutch to step it up. Thanks!

Veronica W.

Love the Pouch!

A beautiful and versatile pouch. It can either be casual or chic! I love that it has zippered and pocket sections, definitely something I look for when organizing my items. The quality is great - durable and soft leather. It's my new go to pouch. Thanks!

Priya M.

Perfect Everyday Bag!

This bag is my favorite everyday bag – very fashionable and versatile. Easily fits my phone, wallet, sunnies and some knick knacks. The zippered slots are really useful in securing the smaller items and LOVE the soft leather material!



At Majas, we craft full-grain leather goods that are sourced sustainably, designed intentionally, and crafted with care. We partner with artisans in Indonesia to support them socioeconomically and to empower them through their crafts. By limiting our quantity, increasing our quality, and producing only in small batches every 6 months, we are able to practice conscious leathercraft to ensure a more sustainable future.


Leather is known for its durability and beauty. However, only a few realize that it is also a part of a closed-loop system designed by nature. Unlike fake leather, genuine leather is a natural material that will decompose overtime. At Majas,  By wearing Majas products, you're contributing to lessen plastic and chemical waste and help protect our ecosystems. 

In addition, all of our leather comes from cow hides deemed as part of the meat industry's waste, and not from cows that are sacrificed only for their hides. By working directly with our artisans, we also eliminate the need for middle men which also brings our carbon footprint down and keeps our price fair.


Our mission is not complete without sleek and classic designs that will never go out-of-style. We are proud to provide our customers with timeless and versatile pieces that will stay with them for many years to come. Out with fast fashion, in with staple leather goods.

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