About Us

Our Goal

At Majas, we want to make slow and sustainable fashion more accessible for everyone. Genuine leather is biodegradable, durable, and ages beautifully overtime. However, we often find leather goods to be inaccessible because of their higher price points. Hence why, more and more people turn to fake leather goods which is hurting our environment as they can't be broken down naturally and are harmful for ocean creatures, birds, and humans.

We want to change that by offering sustainable handcrafted leather goods that don't compromise on design, functionality, quality, and impact.


Our Social Impact

We partner with leather artisans from Yogyakarta, the art capital of Indonesia, to support their crafts and to help them socioeconomically. It is our priority to ensure that they are paid living wages that can support their families and to provide them clean and safe working spaces. We are also proud to say that more than 70% of our artisans are women artisans and by supporting them financially, they are able to gain a more equal footing with the men in their communities.


Our Environmental Impact

It is not enough for us to produce leather goods ethically. We also want to make sure that we are not taking more than we need from nature and to be mindful of our production impact to the environment. All of our leather comes from cow hides deemed as part of the meat industry's waste, and not from cows that are sacrificed only for their hides. By working directly with our artisans, we also eliminate the need for middle men which also brings our carbon footprint down and keeps our price fair.


Our Design Philosophy

We realize that crafting something as durable and as beautiful as leather means that our designs need to be in-style for many years to come. We opt for a timeless look for our products to ensure multiple wears for multiple occasions. Our hope is that our leather goods can transition from meeting rooms, to brunch, to happy hour, and other appointments seamlessly, without compromising your overall look or the amount of pockets you need.


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